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T I G E R   S M A L L S   B O X I N G,  San Diego, California
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Tiger at Muhammad Ali training camp in 1975
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For most of his four decades on Earth he has never been far from the boxing ring. He experienced first-hand the ups and
downs and the twists and turns on the challenging road to champion. He knows the way, and because he does, he can
support others in getting there.

On his incredible journey he found that there is only one boxer alive who can rightfully say “I am the greatest!� That
is Muhammad Ali, a true living legend in boxing and far beyond. He let Tiger into his training camp in Deer Lake,
Pennsylvania when he was just a toddler, and the exposure turned him into a
Child Boxing Star overnight. Tiger told
everyone who would listen that he would be the heavyweight champion of the world when he grew up.

However, the body God gave him was one of a Featherweight, and that is ok. With it, after turning pro in 1993, he went on
to win the World Boxing Organization Inter-Continental Featherweight title, the North American Boxing Organization
Featherweight title, as well as the Universal Boxing Association World Featherweight title. Then in 2007, he hung up his
gloves for good, making the decision to take his career to another dimension as a boxing trainer and mentor.

Ever since the time Tiger spent in Ali’s camp, much has been expected of him, and he has willingly given 100% or more.
Along with the many things he learned, he found that boxers who were better than himself did not always accomplish as
much as he did; and, others, with skills inferior to his sometimes achieved far more than he did. The reality is - a boxing
career can be made or broken by what happens outside the ring. Something as small as a magazine interview, can
adversely influence the officials decision inside the ring. Tiger understand the politics involved in his sport and can guide
others appropriately in their boxing world.

Today at San Diego Combat Academy, Tiger is not only teachig the "Sweet Science" - but grooming his athletes into role
models. His son,
Prince Tigers Smalls, is on his way to superstardom in the sport, along with other boxing champs that
Tiger produced from scratch.

It is important to know what it is that will make you happy and then have the courage to do it. Like Tiger knows, boxing has
had its ups and downs and twist and turns - but it makes him happy.

At this point in time Tiger is all about helping others find their way and frequently says; "Find a job you love - and you will
never work".

2013 has been a big year for Tiger. In March 2013 Tiger was given a key to the City of San Diego and on October
19, 2013 he will be inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame.
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