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February 04, 2013

Connectivity of a Cognitive Computer Based on the Macaque Brain

This week SyNAPSE made the cover of Science by winning the First Place in Illustration Category of 2012 Science/NSF International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge. Here are the link to cover and an article about it.

Cover of Science

Quotes from Judges:

Biologist and judge Michael Reddy says that a cognitive computer is “the last thing on Earth” he would have guessed that the image represented at first glance. Inspired by the neural architecture of a macaque, it is the wiring diagram for a new kind of computer that, by some definitions, may soon be able to think.
“They took something that we know works fantastically efficiently in nature— the circuitry of the brain—and applied that geometry to computing. Then, they found an elegant and beautiful way to display it.,” judge Thomas Wagner says.