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Mark Dean

At the 2008 Almaden Institute, I also the honor to introduce Dr. Mark Dean who gave a truly passionate and fascinating talk about Africa.

Our distinhuished speaker is Dr. Mark Dean. Dr. Dean holds a PhD from Stanford.

Dr. Dean holds three of the nine original IBM patents upon which the IBM personal computers were based. He is best known for his invention of the "ISA bus" that forms the spine of modern day computer architecture. For this invention, he has been elected to National Inventor's Hall of Fame. A rare and significant honor. He has was also instrumental in the design of the first gigahertz CMOS microprocessor, and established the team that developed Blue Gene supercomputer.

Dr. Dean embodies the very essence of excellence within IBM being both an IBM Fellow which is a technical executive and Vice President of Almaden Reseach Center which is a business executive and is the Senior Location Executive for Silicon Valley. He serves on IBM's Technology Council.

Dr. Dean has more than 40 patents, and has received thirteen Invention Achievement Awards and six Corporate Awards.

His external honors include amonst many others: National Institute of Science Outstanding Scientist Award, IEEE Fellow, Member of National Academy of Engineers, Ronald H. Brown American Innovators Award, NSBE Distinguished Engineer Award, PC Magazine World Class Award, and University of Tennessee COE Dougherty Award.


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