Ghostly Nun
The legend tells of a nun who got pregnant and either threw herself off the 4th floor of Loretto Hall or
was pushed out the window. The story gets more complicated with the suspicion that the woman was
pregnant with another priest’s unborn child.  The decade at which this event occurred and the name of
the nun is still a mystery. However, the haunting stories that have followed throughout the years provide
testimony that Loretto, Webster, and Maria Hall are all haunted by the wandering spirit.

Loretto’s ghost has been seen throughout Loretto’s connected buildings: Maria and Webster Hall.
Residents living in the Maria Hall dorms have various stories of hearing voices late at night and seeing
dark figures by their beds in the middle of the night. Also, students in Webster Hall have reported lights
going on and off on their own from outside the building. Some faculty and staff working in the Loretto
building have reported things falling off shelves, feeling a presence in empty rooms, and actually seeing a
dark robed figure during the day or night.