Oregon Caves Chateau
The Oregon Caves Chateau is a historic American hotel that opened in 1934. It is located in
Oregon Caves National Monument in southern Oregon, near Cave Junction. It was declared a
National Historic Landmark in 1987, the Chateau building is architecturally significant because of
its construction and design.
Reportedly haunted by the spirit of a woman named Elizabeth (Also called the Lady in Blue) who
died here in the 1930's. Elizabeth and her new husband were honeymooning at the Chateau back
in the 1930s. On the evening of their wedding night he took leave of her, and when he didn't
return she went looking for him. Shortly after, she found him in a passionate embrace with one of
The Chateau's chambermaids. Distraught over this discovery, Elizabeth fled to her small
top-floor room, #310. Some say her new husband rushed up to the room, where they argued, and
in anger he shoved her out the window. But most say that she was alone in the room and in her
anguish she leaped to her death from the window. Regardless she died, heart- and neck-broken,
in the gully below.

It is said that as a result of her untimely death at The Chateau, Elizabeth's ghost haunts the
building. As ghosts go, Elizabeth is not the friendliest one. The good news is that she doesn't stick
around to bug you if you check into "her" room. Whenever a guest checks in, she leaves the room
and wanders the hallways. She is said to often go hide in the third-floor linen closet, where she
moans and cries. Sometimes she visits the kitchen, where she expresses her displeasure by
dropping stuff on the kitchen help's heads, particularly aiming for those employees who dismiss
her story or otherwise show her disrespect.
We’ll never know for sure; there’s no corroborating proof, no police report, no media coverage,
no death certificate. All we do know is that Elizabeth, a pretty, mournful young blonde, roams
the halls. The maids say she bangs closet doors, unmakes beds and leaves once neatly folded
towels strewn across the floors, and all behind locked doors. The people working in the kitchen
have seen her the most often. She’s apparently quite active in the kitchen, banging pots and pans
in the wee hours of the night, rattling doors and making soufflés fall. They even have an image of
her, captured in some random photo of a storage area, her sad, innocent face, blonde curls and
period clothing clearly visible in an impossible reflection. The picture is in the big book of
hauntings behind the front desk.
Guests have seen her too, of course. One little girl — and we all know children are more disposed
to the sense the supernatural — crayon-sketched her in in convincing and pants-wettingly
terrifying detail, and left it behind for others to see. Also in the big book.
The spirits of a eight year old boy and a man dressed in black have also been seen and heard here.