Legend has it that along Route 66 between Weatherford and El Reno, Oklahoma the ghost of an old,
humpbacked man can be spotted. He wears a fedora and a trenchcoat and is most often reported on rainy
or foggy nights. Some tales recount the man in a "phantom rider" or "vanishing hitch-hiker" fashion: The
man is picked up alongside the road, but doesn't speak to the driver at all. Then, after some miles, the
strange passenger suddenly attempts to leap from the vehicle. When the driver opens the door to let him
out, he has vanished. The perplexed driver then glances up the road to see the man walking along the road
- several miles ahead. Another legend recounts how a driver thinks they have just struck the elderly man
as he was crossing the road, but when the driver gets out, the struck man is nowhere to be seen.
The Old Man of RT 66