Site History
This is a little back story on how this website was started. We originally started back in 2002. I was given
some sample ghost stories to read and I became more curious about the paranormal. I had always believed
in it since I was a young boy growing up in a haunted house in Bonne Terre. I started doing some research
and finally was able to put out my first website in February of 2003, called the Ghost Hunter. I know, it
was rather lame, but I was proud of it. Eventually it grew to become Woofie's Ghosts. (Which you can tell
from the past awards on my awards page.) It then became Woofee's Ghosts for a short period and then
SEMPI in September of 2005. Just recently I relaunched it as Haunts of Missouri. I'm really proud of this
website. I have worked long and hard on it to bring out as much information I can on the paranormal in
Missouri. I now have over 700 haunted locations in Missouri and I hope you enjoy every single one of