Spooky Story
Sometimes I find stories about the paranormal that are extremley warped. This one takes the cake,
This is from an unknown source that has been lost. It's really a remarkably messed up story.
Here's the story that goes with the picture:

This was taken in 1985 just before Christmas. The experience of a family of 7 were many, but here are
the most memorable. My dad built the house in the `50s, so only we lived there, but the house was always
haunted. It had a sense of foreboding that never left. Our dogs often stared, growled, and bristled their
hair, eyes following something we could not see. My sister lay in bed one night and heard chains and
growling dogs running back and forth from window to window outside her room. She ran out terrified.
She woke up one morning to see our dead grandpa standing at the foot of her bed, smiling. Doors
opened, there were cold spots, unexplained noises, odors, lights going on at all hours, washer and dryer
coming on at 3 a.m.

My dad had a 30 foot boat trailored out in the yard thats engine would suddenly roar into life late at
night. Once my dad was yanked out of his bed by the ankles. His screams woke my mother who found
him wide eyed on the floor. I was grabbed, hard, in the sides and tickled while I was in bed. It hurt and I
was swinging my arms trying to hit whoever it was, and my arms just swung through the air hitting
nothing, yet the tickling continued. It was so hard it was lifting me off the bed. I thought it'd never stop,
but finally it did. My parents often came home to find us kids sitting out front waiting for them to come
home because we had been scared out of the house. We heard footsteps, and things often turned up
missing, only to reappear later in a most obvious place. Toilets often flushed with a jiggling of the handle
just to be sure. The picture told us what we already knew, we had a ghost.

A physic told my folks our home was cursed and they had it blessed. But "it" became more active. Years
ago we tried a Ouija board. We asked if a spirit haunted our home. It said yes, but would give no further
information. My folks tried the board alone, and whatever it said terrified them. They threw the board
away and refuse to tell what it told them. They said "they forgot". We know now leave those boards
alone! Even though we no longer live in Largo, my parents still experience paranormal phenomenon as
did I in my home (that story you have) (Haunting in my home 8-1-98). I often wonder if it is all
connected. Who knows. Thank you for your interest.

A film expert said the face is not a reflection or camera error. He said whatever "it" is, it is behind the
glass with the picture of Christ, and has its' own light source lighting up its face. He asked that we never
bring film to him to be developed again. He was that scared.