Strange things to be seen at night out at the cemetary by Rover. Do you mean Redburn

My ex. swoar the grave yard at the end of zz hwy.was haunted.
it is,,so is the one behind grace ave,,and the old school building on grace ave,,but if you
want to be frightened,,so bad your hair will turn white,,tell people on this topix,,you
love the grave digger,,ha haa haaa,,

I used to know a few places that my ex told me about. I dom't remember alot of them
now. My ex told me about the grave yard Pomona. The old men playing chess at the
pinic tables late at night.

The cemetary on grace ave.(which that isn't the street but can't think of it) isn't haunted.
Some of my family used to be manager of it and we would play all around there. In the
old part there is a parrot barried with its owner. The Cafe 37 building is supposed to be
haunted because of the big explosion that happened there years ago. Truth be anyone
can think they see something about anywhere. lol I have!

that cemetary behind grace ave does have alot going on,,your family managed it they
didnt live there,,and i am sure you didnt play around there at midnight,,there is
something there,,ghost lights,,i think thats what they are called,,black shadow
figures,,its there,,

the old reese school building on grace aveeneau.some of my friends broke in there and
scoped it out for a night and said they kept hearing voices,laughter and someone said
they saw a full body apprition.

BB highway in West Plains, right before the blacktop ends. o_o; just..don't take a ouija
board. And don't piss off any spirits. lmao. Made that mistake.

it still is something out there,,go at night when its raining,,but dont ever take anything
out of a place like that,,thats real bad,,take voice recorder,,walk around in that place at
night when its raining,,and yell at the spirits to piss them off,,demand them to
speak,,then go home and listen to your tape,,then tell us what you hear,,then and only
then my freind,,will we all know your as crazy as the grave digger for walking around
at night in the rain yelling at nothing,,ha haa haaa,,,you got to piss the spirit world off to
witness anything,,,

be careful about this stuff but there are many stories that no one hears about because
they are kept secret because of reputation of the square.People have heard old timey
music around where the dance hall was. a women in white walking in the top of the
opera house trying to identify her boyfriend who died in the dance hall. strange men
looking out of windows at night in the tops of the builds.West Plains has a dark past.It
shows some times this places is haunted but nobody talks no one. Good luck on your

Iv'e heard of the fire on the square,30+ locals died.True,no one says much about it.I
wouldn't hang around the square at nite,especialy where west plains bank is.

On April 13th (Friday the 13th to be excact) 1928 the West Plains Dance Explosion
killed almost 40 people in a building that connected to the old West Plains Savings and
Loan Bank. I was one of the workers who just completed renovating the bank for
office space. Upstairs on the third floor is a place I will never step foot into again. The
floor is still burnt from embers falling on it from the fire and rather than replace the
flooring, the owner thought it would be cool to just sand and revarnish. So you can see
all the burn marks. I was working upstairs and my tolls would move around. I would
put them in a room, go work in another room for a while and when I would come back,
they would be anywhere from the other end of the building to the basement. I thought I
was loosing my mind until one night I was there bymyself and it was around 6:30 or so.
It was dark outside. I was working in the back offices where the floor is still burnt and I
started hearing this real faint music. But it was old music. jazzy, bluegrassy is how I
would explain it. I could literaly feel the presence of something in the office with me.
My hammer was laying on the floor by the door and I saw it start to slide down the
hallway. OK, I watch Ghost Hunters and all that crap and Ive always thought how cool
would that be..It's not! I started for my hammer and something grabbed me by my
collar and slammed me into the backwall. The music started getting louder and I
couldnt move. I was pinned by something I couldnt see. The pressure started easing off
and I started to run for the door. There is a staircase that was pitch black I had to go
down and as I went down, I heard voices whispering in my ear one after another. Help
me..Have a good night..This is swell..Screams..Everything you could imagine. I will
never step foot in that building again. I had to have a friend/co-worker bring me my
tools and he has expierienced alot of the missing or moved tools I went through before
my night of terror. I don't expect anyone to believe a word of this, and I wouldn't either
if someone told me this story. But it's a true story I'll have nightmares about for the rest
of my life.

I used to work in the old WP Saving and Loan as a loan officer. The story told above
does not suprise me at all. Alot of times when we were in the break room, We could
hear the music described. And it felt like there was a presence of someone with you
everytime you we're alone. It is probably without a doubt the most haunted place in
southern Missouri. All the employees hated the upstairs and going into the back of the
third floor where the burnt floor is described above is something none of us would do
without having someone else with us. I hated that building. Too many people lost their
lives in it.

The explosion and fire during a dance was written about in a song that I heard a few
times but don't remember a word of it. I think most of the folks that knew all about it
are probably gone. The only lady I knew of passed away a few years ago, she wanted
to go that night but her family said she was too young. If I remember right, it was held
over a filling station and something in that caused the disaster. It seems like there was
gossip about the posibility of it being done on purpose. I wish I could remember more..
I believe it was all young people who were killed. I would love to see the burnt floor
and bring my recorder to the site - but not alone..

I don't know if im taking about the right building or not, but the old savings and loan
used to be right by where that little dance studio is now. across the street from the west
plains bank. ok, say youre going around the square, you pass the antique mall, which
used to be aid hardware, and the savings and loan is on that next corner. theres a little
dance studio right before it. i used to do my banking there.

i'm pretty sure thats the one everyones talking about. unless the savings and loan used
to be in another spot before it was in that spot. but for as long as i can remember it was
on that corner.
so be it

Now I have a lot of questions. If the savings and loan building was scorched then the
building that exploded should be on the side where the burns are. Did the owner of the
gas station die in the fire or did he committ suicide later? It seems I remember hearing
that. It really seems like arson was considered. Isn't there a mass grave in the area
where the victims are buried? I'm too far away to prowl the old cemetaries but maybe
somebody could ask some of their older kin in the area. The ghost buster shows on tv
are really hard to believe but I do think that sometimes spirits are left behind wondering
just what the heck happened and if that is possible then a group of young people just
out having fun would surely leave behind such spirits.
Does the West plains newspaper have archives?

Yes the west plains newspaper has archives. in the court house, there is a copy of the
paper after the blast. also in the library. every halloween galloway park does this big
festival thing. the halloween before last there was a lady that had a little section there,
with benches set up for people to hear her stories. I dont remember her name. wish i
did. she had some neat stories to tell about old west plains. She remembers the blast,
and she may be the same old lady that a poster mentioned earlier, the one that was
going to go to the dance that night but her parents wouldnt let her. ANYWAY, she
remembered the blast, had alot of pictures with her from the scene. those pictures have
stuck with me. i definatley would not let my daughter look at those.
yes there is a grave in the big cemetary west plains has, for some reason the name of
the cemetary is slipping my mind.. but you can get to it off of grace ave. you cant really
miss it. its a HUGE memorial stone, with the names of the people that lost thier lives..
in the early days, they had to replace that stone a handful of times because it kept
falling off of its mount. They now say that it was because of the vibrations from the
train that was making it do that.

It was 40 people who died in that blast. The owner of the gas station was killed in the
explosion. It happened as he was opening the door to the garage. I think the
investigators eventually decided he did it on purpose, though I don't know what kind of
proof they had..

The stories I have heard did say they thought the fire started in the furnace room,and
fowl play was suspeceted.Some of the elite of west plains was killed at the dance.

The explosion was in the old library building

I looked it up 36 died,18 injured,several couldn't de identified,so they barried them in a
mass grave at oaklawn.the names are on the stone.It's the west plains fire of 1928

ok all the info you need to know about the great explosion is in the court house, the
daily qiull, and the harlene museum in west plains. it was a dance hall that exploded
they believe it started due to a gas station next to it but in those times it was hard to be
sure. The dance hall was on the square. Many original things and info are in the harlene
museum. the head stone is in the huge cemetary on grace ave. many people believe that
the head stone is haunted because it moves. It is a very
large heavy stone, maybe it just settles into the ground. i lived in a house close to the
area and had to move because i felt it was haunted.

the grave digger will walk in this place and stay all night long,,video tape the whole
night,,the pricks move my shit,,they will be sorry,,now,,is this building the one across
the street from the west plains bank?,,the building on the corner,,up from brill title,,just
tell where exactly it is,,not some old library,,some dance studio,,what building,,and the
third floor,,is where i will be staying,,and what the hell was a gas station doing on the
square,,what the hell kind of town was it back then?,,smoking and drinking above a gas
station,,and propane,,back in 1928,,i didnt think they used or invented propane back
then,,anyone want to make west plains history with the grave digger?,,if the tape is
good enough,,the company taps will come down,,and the grave digger can be
interveiwed with a fuzzy face and a voice over,,how cool is that gunna be,,ha haa haaa

im really not sure what building it was. I once thought it was were the opera house is
now. I dont if it was the same years or at
a different time but that was the original funeral home...creepy in its own

The building is on the corner of West Main and the square. It's directly acrosss the
street from West Plains Bank. Has a big clock on the corner of it. The bank used to be
longer than it is now and the gas station and dance hall were a part of it. (Hence the
burnt floors upstairs)

The explosion took place off the square approximately where the old library building
sits today. There was a garage downstairs, that is where the explosion came from.
There is a tombstone placed in the cemetary off Grace Avenue with the names of each
who lost their lives that night. I lost family in the explosion and you can find some very
interesting reading on it at the WP library. It is said that every-so-often the headstone
has to be re-adjusted because it moves. I don't know how true that it, but that is what
used to be said about the headstone.

just a question. Does anyone of any strange things occuring out on the back roads off
of old 160? I have had a close friend have a lot of weird things happen back in there. I
use to know which county road but can't remember it right now. I would have to drive
out there with her to find them again. If anyone has any history of the areas back there
I would love to hear them.

I had something grab my shoulder and growl while messing with a ouija board in the
dripping springs cemetary down BB Highway. then there was a handprint on my
friends car where all the fingers were like six inches long. scary stuff.


i have been to the opera house on many occasions and at one end of the ball room is a
circuit box. i was recording and as i walked towards it it slammed shut,and i heard
running all around me,and screaming but no one was there.then,all of a sudden the
power went out and a woman in a white dress pushed agianst me and went right
through me.i was so scared i dropped my phone,and high tailed it to the exit.i asked an
employee to get my phone 4 me and he couldnt find scared the shit out of me.true

his is where the old Way Station Motel and bar use to be. I remember working in the
lounge, closing several nights and getting the crap scared out of me. There ws one
night, after all the patrons were gone. I was sitting at the bar facing the bottles, counting
the money. When I starting hearing poolballs clicking and running down the pipes. I got
up to see if someone was in there and there was no one. I remember sliding my night
deposit bag thru a mailslot and something grabbing my hand. I remember walking
down the long hallway to the kitchen and something grabbing my neck and lifting me
up and setting me down. I remember the hallway switches. One on either end of the
hall. Master electrians there to fix it. We wanted them to be where you could switch on
or off from either end (That way you didnt have to go to the opposite end of the hall to
turn on or off). The light came on when I walked by and turned the switch on..the guy
looked puzzled. I said "GREAT! you fixed it!" He then informed me there wasnt any
wires hooked up to it. When they installed the phone lines. They went down to
demangle all of the old wires. We had a phoneline in front dining hall and the kitchen.
But, we wanted one in the dining hall, kitchen, office and the bar. Several hours
passed, I was setting up the bar, making inventory list and the phone rang. I answered it
and it was the phone company thanking us for our new business and asked a few
questions and then I hung up. The techs came up from the basement and I praised them
"WOW, you guys are fast!" and made jokes about it. One tech looked at the other and
said "Um ma'am, we dont have any lines to any of your phones. As of matter of fact,
we just got done disconnecting everything. We just came to tell you we were going to
Since then, I have heard of murders, rapes/deaths, and a suicide there. WOW, ok so it
there is explaination of "happenings".
t's the Big Motel by the fairgrounds. It's called the Ridge Crest now. Back in the day a
dead woman was found in the trunk of her car circa 1952.

The murder in the motel, they owned Dominos pizza in west plains, they had like 10
kids. The wife was sleeping with some bodybuilder from Springfield. They met at the
motel when he came down to West Plains. Her husband (the owner of dominos)
walked in and shot them both dead. He waited for the police to come. He is in prison,
and family has their kids. Yes, I do know this I was good friends with their oldest
daughter! It is a very sad story for the kids!  Yeah found out that the room i stayed in
the night before our honey moon hosted a double murder suicide. :)

I have no idea if that room is haunted or not. I lived in West Plains for 20 years and
heard stories all the time, I never saw anything!

Happy Haunting to everyone

The OMC hospital is haunted all the staff knows about it. however the board of
directors made it a firable offense for ANY of the staff to talk about it. but there is
activity there for sure.

Topaz mill is haunted at 300 am go there if u do not believe but please believe it is the
witches hour and it's not fun we got out and gps my car so we knew where it was I
pushed my app on my iPhone to find my car and couldn't find it for hours we woke up
and my engine was running and it was in the river right in front of us pretty creepy
there is a woman out there who walks around the river singing and her 3 children walk
behind her believe me or not if not go see for ur self

It is a fact that the grave stone were the dead was buried from the dance hall explosion
moves an inch every year. no explantion reporters have investigate the mystery
movement but the mystrey still remains. the explosion took place on the court square
where the Landmark bank used to be and is now a radio station.I lived on the conor of
Grace avenue. I can tell you for fact that the spirit is walking around whenever there
was a new burial I could stand and watch my light switch turn on and off. I have also
seen huge groundhogs coming from the cemerty and another animals such as snakes
just suprisingly popping up the indian beleive that the spirit of the dead recarnates self
into animal and watches over those they love. People deny there indian histroy here
when that side of town was build over top of the rivers that help supply the indian basic
needs for survival. many houses from Lyda and Walnut you go into the basement and
find a natural spring popping up under there homes becausedirt was hauled in to build
houses over the river. and so they have foundation problems. Ace hardware have two
dead people buried under there parking lot. the college has a very interesting class on
the myths and legends invovling West Plains and the surrounding area. For instances
how many of you knew that there was a city built and was going to be our capital
instead of Jefferson city. it is now orchard. and look at silom springs they have an old
hotel that sits empty that was once a very thriving country club for all the elite. even
with a golf course. those are some oplaces to look at. And you can track in the histroy
book written about West Plains
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