Union Station
Union Station’s busiest time was during World War II, when 300 passengers came through per day. Its
ghosts are believed to have come from this time. Suggs Mailer is the most well-known spirit here, a man
whose job it was to transfer mail from underground trains to the post office by way of a hand-powered
truck. After he retired, the man mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again. His shadow has
been seen in the basement. Employees also say a ghostly lady in a black dress walks down the stairs after
hours, and other apparitions carrying suitcases have been seen in the hallways. A phantom train whistle
also has been heard. A man leaning forward, his arms resting against the banister has been seen looking
down the stairs. It is rumored that people have committed suicide by jumping over the rails. It also
thought to be haunted by immigrant spirits and victims of the Kansas City Massacre.
62 W Pershing Rd  Kansas City, Mo