Catman of Doe Run
The "Catman" of Doe Run is supposedly an escapee from what was long known as State 4. He is said to
roam the hills and hollers between Delassus and Doe Run, and between Doe Run and Iron Mountain

In the late 1960s a band of curious teenagers are said to have driven through the countryside looking for
the strange, werewolf-like creature, the "Catman." In a dark valley somewhere the other side of Buck
Mountain they parked for a spell to enjoy a cold soda pop. While sitting around the fire the mysterious
creature is said to have leapt from the shadows and attacked one of the females. After a brief skirmish
the male teenagers, who were also football players but not very good ones, drove the "Catman" back into
the forest screaming and vowing to strike again. He has never been found.