New this year!
Half Marathoners have a choice to either running first half or second half of the Marathon
These courses will now be called
(Hatfield McCoy Half Marathon Blackberry Mountain Course)
(Hatfield McCoy Half Marathon River Road Course).
Traditionally the Blackberry Mountain Course has always been the Half Marathon, but we
wanted to give runners a chance to experience the second half. The first half can be used as
either WV or Ky race since it starts in Ky  and finishes in WV. The second half starts in WV
and finishes in WV so it is a WV race.
We also decided to create a (Double Half). You can run both halves back to back and they
will be timed separately and have separate awards and finishing medals.

We have also added a 5K.

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Hi, my name is David Hatfield, Race Director and President of the Tug Valley Road Runners Club. I am in hopes that
this will answer some of the many questions you have concerning the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon and Half-Marathon
to be run on June 14, 2014. This is our 15th year. I  want to welcome back those who have run with us before and to
first timers. You are all family now!  Hatfield or McCoy!!!    

The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon has something for everyone, from 26.2 and 13.1 mile runs to our kid's Once Around
The Block Mini Marathon. The race begins in Eastern Pike County, KY in a small area known as Goody, KY on the
parking lot of one of our sponsors, Food City Food Stores. We run a scenic course that will surprise you. There is
one hill between miles 6 & 7 while the rest of the course is flat to rolling and runs on the roads that follow the
creeks and rivers. Both finish lines are in West Virginia. The half-marathon ends in historic Matewan, WV and the
marathon in Williamson, WV at the World Famous Coal House. In the past we have had runners from all across the
USA and around the world participate. We expect 600 runners this year. Read about us in Running Times

The Hatfield-McCoy Marathon is part of the Hatfield-McCoy Reunion Festival which will be held June 14 & 15,  2014.
Proceeds from this race go to support TVRRC children's running programs and scholarship funds. The two best
ways to get here are US 119 and US 52. Hotel rooms are available but they fill up fast. There will be a pasta dinner
available on June 8th at Belfry High School on US119 & State Hwy. 308 at 6:00PM. Proceeds from the dinner go to
the Belfry High Soccer Team. And there will be a post-race Pig Fest with music and Pig fixed just about any way
you'd want it.   

This year when you register, unless you are a "True Hatfield" or a "Real McCoy," the field of runners will be divided
in half and designated Hatfields or McCoys. If you don't already know about the feud between the families, that's a
whole story in itself. By participating in this added fun and competition you can help answer one of history's most
asked questions, WHO WON THE FEUD, the Hatfields or the McCoys? At the end of the race, the family with the
lowest total time will win the feud, at least for 2014. A plaque will be placed on display at each finish line and each
year a new plate will be added with the winning family's name for that year.

So come back home to the hills and run with the Hatfield and McCoys.  
As one of us we hope you will enjoy the best kept secret in marathon running today, The Hatfield & McCoy Marathon
and Half Marathon. If you have any other questions or just want to talk,you can contact me night or day and I will
answer all your questions. Thank you in advance for choosing to run the Hatfield-McCoy Marathon.

Your Fellow Runner,
David Hatfield
Hatfield McCoy Marathon 2014
Tug Valley Road Runners Club