About Us
Who we are
Bilingual Angels provides residential facilities for physical and emotional care, and quality education of disadvantaged children in
Colombia, starting between infancy and six years old, and continuing to early adulthood -when they can become financially
independent. These residential facilities cover the children’s physical and emotional needs by ensuring the provision of nutritious
meals, clothing and medical care. We also give the children a solid educational foundation to ensure their greatest chance for
success. Through our innovative programs, we strive to break the cycle of poverty often found in the low income families
throughout the impoverished regions.  
Organizational Background
Bilingual Angels Corp is registered as a nonprofit organization in the State of New York, authorized by the IRS to operate as
501 (c) (3), and approved by the NYS Department of Education.    

In Colombia, Bilingual Angels’ activities are carried out in association with Fundación Ángeles Bilingües, a nonprofit organization
established in Cumaral, Meta.

Activities for the organization of Fundación Ángeles Bilingües in the Dominican Republic are currently underway.

Bilingual Angels is dedicated to the provision of quality, bilingual education to children suffering from extreme poverty. Our
program contains effective academic instruction as well as character building lessons for children between the ages of zero to six.
We will begin providing this program in disadvantaged regions of Colombia. We may expand the program to include additional
countries as our resources and programs grow.

Our program is designed around a set of guiding principles as described below:

  • Love – All of our programs are based in the virtue of love and compassion of our fellow human beings and the struggles
    that we all face. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of our students throughout the country of Colombia or
    any other region that we may serve.
  • Imagination – Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations to incorporate the scientific and academic principles
    taught in the classroom with real life situations. Children will be asked to demonstrate this ability through their various
  • Moral and Civism – Upon graduation from the program, children are expected to display a respect for their fellow man and
    the world around them. Children will be taught to respect the environment and to take appropriate measures to protect it
    from the potential negative effects of civilization.
  • Technical Literacy – By utilizing technology in all of our instructional activities, we encourage children to familiarize
    themselves with these instruments. We strive to foster technical literacy at a young age in order to best ensure their
    future success in a digital world marketplace. This is the basis of the Bilingual Angels Teaching Package.
  • Integration of the Family – Family involvement and support in the child’s education and organizational programs helps to
    solidify the child’s chances for success. Families will encourage the child in their studies and will participate in fundraising
    activities for the school to help support their education and living expenses.

Our program will provide comprehensive education for infants and young children up to the age of six. We will utilize several
online academic programs as well as classroom instruction to teach children the basics of science, history, and math. We will focus
on equipping children with strong language skills in the areas of speaking, reading, and writing. We will not only instruct children
in their native Spanish language, but we will encourage them to learn English as a second language as well. We will teach children
English through online and classroom instruction as well as regular web chat sessions with students in the United States. This is the
basis of the Bilingual Angels Teaching Package.

Our Goals / Objectives
The primary goal of Bilingual Angels is to offer a safe haven for children to learn the necessary skills to succeed without falling
victim to violence or illegal drug/sex trades. Through our innovative residential program, and our innovative teaching
methodologies, we give children a strong academic foundation and a healthy place to spend their most formative years.

In support of these goals, Bilingual Angels aspires to:

  • Acquire facilities for the operation of our programs
  • Obtain the funding necessary for the technical equipment used during our academicprogramming
  • Implement residential programs
  • Begin distributing tablets and computers to disadvantaged children