Academic Programs

Because our academic philosophies are centered on technical literacy and usage, we have a large need for funding dedicated to
digital equipment. We need to acquire computers, internet capabilities, routers, cables, smart boards, and various software
components. We also need to purchase several large television screens for classroom use. Students will use these screens to
communicate via chat (SKYPE) with children in the United States to practice their language skills.

For our programs to reach remote low income areas, we need to acquire portable screens, monitor projectors,
smart phones and tablets.

Bilingual Angels exists to provide a residential, educational program for disadvantaged, Colombian children starting from infancy
until six years old, up to early adulthood. These programs will be cost free for all residents. In order to register their child for the
program, parents should contact the organization directly. Parents will be able to discuss their financial situation and particular
needs of the child with the organizational staff. Before acceptance, parents must agree to help the organization care for their
children by participating in fundraising efforts or providing in kind donation support whenever possible. The staff will accept children
into the program based on their demonstrated need.

Children entering the program will live in a residential facility attached to the school. The facility will offer dormitory style housing
according to the child’s age and gender. The organization will ensure that an adequate number of staff members are assigned to
each dormitory unit so that there is sufficient adult supervision at all times. Children will be provided with three nutritious meals
each day and organized social activities on a regular basis. Each day will include a schedule of activities including lessons, sports
games, computer time, language practice, and free play. Additionally, the facility will include nurses that can provide basic medical
care for all of the children. Children will receive regular checkups and recommended vaccines. If a child develops a serious medical
issue, Bilingual Angels will ensure they are provided with superb medical care. Children will remain in the housing facility for as long
as both the organization and the parents agree. There is no maximum time limit on a potential stay.

The most impactful piece of our innovative program is the academic instruction that these young individuals will receive. Our
curriculums focus on language education in the effort to provide our children with the gift of fluency in a second language, English.
We utilize online resources and curriculums, such as Little Pim, Hooked on Phonics, and Reading Eggs, components of our teaching
methodology, to encourage language learning. All activities are geared appropriately to the age of the child engaging in the lesson.
We also conduct regular web chats (via SKYPE) with similarly aged children in the United States so that children can practice their
language skills. By the time the children are six years old,
they are expected to demonstrate fluency in both the Spanish and English languages.

We utilize online curriculums in the areas of math, social studies, and science. Each child will receive a tablet to complete their
assignments and lessons. By utilizing their tablets to access the online content, children will practice their computer skills as well as
increase their foundation of knowledge. We will ask the children to complete small, age-appropriate projects to demonstrate their
mastery of the subject matter. Our curriculum will also include character building and moral lessons for the children. We will teach
each child to live their lives with integrity, empathy, and a high level of self-worth.

We will start operations with children residential programs in Cumaral, Meta –with capacity for 20 children, and in Armenia.
Quindio. –with capacity for 40 children.  This programs are carried out with Ángeles Bilingües, and other organizations with which
we may enter in association.

Distribution of tablets and computers to disadvantaged children

Reach out to low income areas

Unfortunately, our residential facilities will have a finite amount of space; however, we are still dedicated to the wellbeing of
children that are unable to reside in our facilities. If a child is unable to participate in our program due to a lack of space, we will
provide the child with their own tablet equipped with educational applications. Children will be able to use their tablet to engage in
self-study and to educate themselves about the world around them. In addition, engaging with their tablet will strengthen their
technical skills in preparation for future career success.

With our reach-out social programs we plan to assist 1000 children, 500 in Cumaral and 500 in Armenia, just to start. The required
personal support will be provided by personnel from the respective residential centers.   
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