Bilingual angels  provides the following teaching methodologies free of charge:

Reading eggs has reading courses for Kindergarten, and for first and second grade.

Hooked on Phonics has reading courses for children from 3 to 6 years.       
Little Pim  has courses to learn several languages, by age,from babies up to 6 years
Babies (0-12 Months)

Introducing a second language to an infant is easy. Young children have the
extraordinary ability to acquire language as easily as they learn to eat or walk. Scientific
research shows that a baby’s brain is prewired to absorb the unique sounds of different
languages and can learn up to 3 languages simultaneously with ease.  
Toddlers  2-4 years  old

This phase of a child’s development is vitally important. It is at this age that children start to
acquire their first 100-300 words in their native language, the building blocks of their future
fluency. They can also start repeating simple words and phrases in a second language at this
stage. You’ll notice that when toddlers watch the Little Pim episodes, they begin to engage
in a “call and response”, which is the very way a young child acquires language from their
parents and others around them.  For example, Little Pim will call out “manzana” (apple),
and toddlers will automatically imitate him, calling out the same words in response. It is
through this fundamental process that language is acquired.
Kids 5-6 years old    

Using the complete Little Pim system, your kids can learn up to 360 words and phrases in a
second or third language.  500 words is considered to be “conversational” in a second
language.   With Little Pim’s 360 words and phrases, your child can be well on their way
towards language proficiency. Children this age will enjoy watching the DVDs and playing
with the flash cards.  Play the music in the car or at home to help support the development of
their accents and keep building their vocabulary.  Download the vocabulary booster apps
onto your iPhone or iPad. Your kids will love showing off the words they know from all their
Little Pim activities.
The methodologies provided use the latest technologies
The Baby Einstein products include language, music, art, poetry, animals
and nature. They put babies - children in contact with the world that
surrounds them in a joyful manner.